Magic the Gathering: Rune of Sustenance (Kaldheim)

Rune of Sustenance
Yeong-Hao Han Kaldheim 25

Rune of Sustenance

Enchantment — Aura Rune, {1}{W} (2)

Enchant permanent

When Rune of Sustenance enters the battlefield, draw a card.

As long as enchanted permanent is a creature, it has lifelink.

As long as enchanted permanent is an Equipment, it has "Equipped creature has lifelink."


  • 05/02/2021: Runes can target and be attached to any permanent, even one that isn’t currently a creature or an Equipment. You can cast a Rune choosing a Vehicle as the target, for example. The Rune’s enters-the-battlefield ability will trigger, and you’ll draw a card. The Rune won’t do anything while the Vehicle isn’t a creature, but if it becomes one later, the appropriate ability will start applying.
  • 05/02/2021: If the target of an Aura spell is an illegal target as that spell tries to resolve, it won’t resolve, it won’t enter the battlefield, and none of its enters-the-battlefield triggered abilities will trigger.


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