Magic the Gathering: Damping Sphere (Dominaria)

Damping Sphere
Adam Paquette Dominaria 213

Damping Sphere

Artifact, {2} (2)

If a land is tapped for two or more mana, it produces {C} instead of any other type and amount.

Each spell a player casts costs {1} more to cast for each other spell that player has cast this turn.


  • 27/04/2018: If multiple replacement effects would modify what mana an ability you control produces, choose one to apply. After that, determine if any others are applicable. A replacement effect can’t apply to the same event more than once this way.
  • 27/04/2018: Damping Sphere’s second ability counts spells that were cast during a turn even if Damping Sphere wasn’t on the battlefield as they were cast. For example, if Damping Sphere itself is the third spell you cast in a turn, the next spell you cast costs {3} more to cast.
  • 27/04/2018: To determine a spell’s total cost, start with the mana cost (or an alternative cost), add any cost increases, then apply any cost reductions. The spell’s converted mana cost remains unchanged, no matter what the total cost to cast it was.


Formats legality

  • Not playable in Standard


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